Seasons End

Today was the final day of the 2015 summer season at the Sea to Sky Gondola. It was a bit damp and gloomy up top while we were up there, but that wouldn’t deter Squamish locals from attending the final day activities including live music at the summit lodge which was a packed house inside. The bright side of the poor weather was seeing many visitors revelling in the falling snow, taking photographs, and kids running around with their tongues sticking out.

The photo below is a panoramic image of Garibaldi Mountain that was taken on this day last year, the final day of the inaugural summer season of the Gondola. (Click the image for full screen view) There was a reasonable amount of snow already on the mountain by this point in 2014, but not many suspected how poor the season to come would be. When the mountain emerges from the clouds in the next day or two we should get to see what was left behind and how it compares to the same time last year, which preceded an extremely poor snow season.

For the full sized image (it’s quite large!) you can visit my gallery and gift shop here

Seasons end
Garibaldi Mountain November 1 2014. CLICK TO VIEW LARGE

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