Years end. Wow, what a treat!

After spending several days on Vancouver Island for the Christmas break, we returned to Squamish for a brief stop in at the office, before returning to play. We crammed as much fun into the 4 day weekend as we possibly could and it was one of the best New Years celebrations in recent memory. We had received a lot of snow in the lead up to Christmas and then another large snowfall on boxing day. Clear days and sub-zero temps kept the snow around so we took full advantage.

We spent New Years Eve snowboarding in Whistler. It was our first time back on the mountain in TWO YEARS, so it was a huge day for us. The weather was phenomenal and the views from the peak as stunning as I remembered. Looking out towards the Black Tusk and Garibaldi Mountain is eyegasmic!

New Years day we went on a couple of nice hikes with Lukla around Brackendale and also up around the Alice Lake area. Lots of snow to play in and beautiful sunshine to revel in.

We also got in some mountain biking on the local trails to see how it felt to ride in the snow, it was surprisingly pretty good, except at the extremes of too deep, or too icy. Lots of fatbike tire tracks around, I’m sure it makes an incredible difference.

The Sunsets from the Gondola were quite remarkable, with lots of golden light that doesn’t fall on Squamish itself as it is wedged down in the valley and hidden from the final minutes of magic hour. A thermos with tea and some nice treats along with a quiet lookout away from the crowds made for yet another magic moment in this transition from 2015 to 2016.

Some of the photographs from the weekend can be found at this link to a gallery on Flickr



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