Another rock slide in Squamish

Last night at around 3:40am we were abruptly awoken by the sound of rock fall coming from the Slhaney buttress. The source of the thunderous rumble was almost 1km from our house. This afternoon I went searching for the area affected and found the location of the slide and it’s landing zone. It was very small in comparison to the rock fall from the Stawamus Chief almost a year ago, but still a mighty crash in the middle of the night!

Valleycliffe and Slhaney
The suburb of Valleycliffe glows in golden evening sunlight and Autumn colours. The slide area shown below can be found on the lower of two slabs of granite protruding from the forested cliffs toward the left end of the buttress.
The slide area above and landing zone below
A low quality composite that shows close up views of the source of the slide and the landing zone 

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