Biking in the sun, Hiking in the rain

Saturday saw a surprisingly sunny and beautiful day unfold that was not expected. Seizing the opportunity, I thought I would take Lukla on her very first blast down one of my favourite local trails, Rupert. On the way back I explored a trail I haven’t ridden before and discovered some interesting sections of trail and nice viewpoints before blasting back down Rollercoaster to finish the lap. Lukla was obviously chuffed and immediately went to sleep when we got home.

Lukla was extremely wary of the sign. It took several minutes for her to relax.
New trail, new view

This morning the weather was not looking so nice, but we headed up the Slhanay trail anyway to see what we could find. We got slightly off trail and took a different route towards the saddle, arriving at a large crag and then standing on top of it, looking out over Valleycliffe, the Sound and the Squamish Valley.

Isolated beams of sunlight move their way across the landscape 
Slhanay Hike-8030
Tara takes in the view over downtown and the Estuary
Slhanay Hike-7995
The best rainbow we saw came out when we were still in the forest.

The suns occasionally peaked out from behind the storm clouds and rainbows faded in and out across the landscape. We traversed across the saddle and connected with the original trail, heading down past a large temporary waterfall before arriving at a beautiful moss covered grove of giant boulders. The stream from the waterfall we had cross up above was creating a beautiful  series of natural cascades to once side of the grove.

Slhanay Hike-8089
Boulder Grove
Slhanay Hike-8103
Natural cascade. What is normally a small trickle is a flowing falls with all the rain

Despite the rain it was a beautiful walk and a great start to a Sunday. Lukla had a blast and we got to discover something new. Really looking forward to Spring forward and the extra daylight it brings at the end of the days so we can get out for more biking and hiking adventures through the week as well.

Slhanay Hike-8049
Trail for miles…

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