Easter on the Sunshine Coast

Tara and I packed up the bikes and headed for the Sunshine Coast for the Easter long weekend and it did not disappoint. We attempted to get some balance out of the trip across the 3 days, riding great trails, hiking in beautiful forests, & exploring the rugged BC Coastline. Ferry trips on the way over in the morning and returning home in the evening provided added visual astonishment thanks to some glorious weather and light. This was my 3rd visit to the coast and I am officially hooked. Below is a few photos from the trip and you can see more of my favourite photographs in this Flickr album


Sunshine Coast-8279
Tara splashing through one of the several shallow crossings we came across around Roberts Creek.
Sunshine Coast-8316
Small inlet in Pender Harbour on a beautiful morning
Sunshine Coast-8366
Skookumchuk Narrows – A narrow passage that experiences heavy tidal flows where water levels can reach up to 2 metres difference from one side to the other.
Sunshine Coast-8422
The Garden of Eden? Easter Sunday hike. We started early and had it all to ourselves. 
Sunshine Coast-8482
The cleanest air and purest water.
Sunshine Coast-8550
Ferry trip back to the mainland. Sunset cruise, yes please.



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