Scenic Flights from Squamish

Taking to the air for a better look at the geographical features of Garibaldi Provincial Park and the surrounding area.

It was a hot and kind of smoky morning in the Squamish valley when we headed to the Squamish airfield. After a short time we were on the runway and bound for the sky. We headed North towards the Black Tusk and then looped around Garibaldi Park and then back around the Stawamus Chief before returning to the airfield.

Below are some of the highlight images from the trip. It was simply breathtaking to see this remarkable part of BC from a new perspective. It allows for a totally unique appreciation for the grandeur of this segment of the BC Coast Mountains. It also provides an opportunity to appreciate for those who aren’t physically able to hike the long and steep routes up into the park.

The rest of the images from the flight can be found in this Flickr album


Scenic flight Garibaldi & Chief-5135
Looking South at the Lake and Massif
Scenic flight Garibaldi & Chief-5139
The Black Tusk up close. You can just see two people standing near the summit. (Click to see larger or view here )
Scenic flight Garibaldi & Chief-5176
Looking back across the lake to Panorama Ridge and the Tusk
Scenic flight Garibaldi & Chief-5181
The Table, another spectacle of the Volcanic past of the park.
Scenic flight Garibaldi & Chief-5189
The giant ice fields on the Northern side of Garibaldi Mountain.


Scenic flight Garibaldi & Chief-5204
Scenic flight Garibaldi & Chief-5258
The North Gully sits in deep shadow. 


Scenic flight Garibaldi & Chief-5263
Great morning hike. Beating the crowds to the top of the Chief is highly advised.
Scenic flight Garibaldi & Chief-5239
The Gondola towers rising behind the facade of the Chief which towers over Squamish.
Scenic flight Garibaldi & Chief-5277
Phenomenal experience



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