Riding bikes across mountains

The plan was set, we met up at Adams and headed to Whistler to tackle the Sproatt Mountain climb and Lord of the Squirrels descent. It was a beautiful morning and it looked to be the perfect day for taking it on.

Glorious start to the day, should we ride?!

After some pretty sustained climbing from the moment you set out, we left the flank trail and found the entrance to the climb. Then we continued up and up and up for what felt like a lot longer than it really was.

Things flatten out slightly after breaking into the alpine, but there is still a considerable climb to come.
Great spot for a snack

After stopping for several food, drink breaks, or in my case, photos and stretch breaks, we had to use our route finding skills little from the top to connect on with the beginning of the descent.

This will be a popular spot next summer
Whistler Blackcomb on the other side of the valley

It really was an absolutely smashing day for this ride. The day before we went up, a group of  riders reported being snowed on! The greens, browns, reds, oranges & yellows of the fall season in this fairy tale like alpine paradise were smattered with rolling sunlight from between the clouds. So Breathtaking, and as much as I wanted to ride the trail we had climbed so far to access, I just didn’t really want to leave.

Absolutely stunning scenes
Adam playing with some fun sections of trail while Keith changed a flat.
Keep your eyes on the trail….
…. and ride on!



About 5 hours car to car with plenty of breaks. 26km’s, 1300 mts. Excellent climbing trail that is almost complete, with only some minor route finding required. Fast, flowy blue diamond that has no mandatory jumps, gaps, or drops but rolls with the terrain well, with the odd quick climb here and there before returning to the descent back to Function Junction.

The Black Tusk above the legacy village from the 2010 winter Olympic games

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