A real winter!

It’s  been a particularly cold and snowy winter this year in South Western BC. Considerable snowfall and cold Arctic outflow winds have made for frosty conditions, large snowbanks and sketchy driving conditions around town and along the highway. The roads are in poort shape, significant maintenance will be required come the Spring.

It’s been really fun taking Lukla out in the fresh snow, watching her play and roll around in it. Snow-shoeing and skiing in the excellent conditions has been a real delight, however shovelling the driveway finally lost its novelty on this boy from Australia. Having a sudden arrival of warm temperatures and monsoonal rainfall on top of frozen drains and earth led to a little panic with where all the water might go as it rained as well as all the snow melting, but we survived relatively unscathed, thankfully only losing a little bit of sleep.

The temperatures in the near future are likely to stay well above zero so it’s back to the rain. It’s slowly getting lighter again, and in another month or so there should be enough daylight to start riding after work again. I’m kind of already looking forward to the first signs of spring: the birds chirping, and the first buds of new life starting to appear.

Below are a bunch of photos from some of our weekends out and about around the valley.


Riverside walks in the snowfall
Strong Northerly winds blowing snow of the nearby mountains
Ice caps on rocks
Winter winds shaping the snowdrifts
Alpenglow on Garibaldi
At the river under the Chief
The chief covered in snow glowing in the dark
Powderhound hunting for salmon tidbits
Impressive Ice formations
An ice shelf collapses under it’s own weight at low tide
Snowshoeing on a bluebird day in the Callaghan Valley
Black Tusk views
Sitting down at the lookout over town
Cold enough to plug in the engine warmer
Lukla in the snow. Seemingly unfathomed by the cold
Bitterly cold Winter winds were brutal on this morning, cut right through you.
The waterfalls around the valley take on a new look
New Years Day adventures with Tara and Lukla.
Early morning after fresh snow fall.
The Moon over Wedge Mountain in Whistler.

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