Monument Valley


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Monument Valley-8005
Window Scenery from the road
Monument Valley-8011
I remembered visiting this spot back in 2007 when I came through here for the first time. Phenomenal landscapes.

Wow summer really keeps me off the computer. That’s a good thing really, but suddenly it’s been months since I last updated our Utah/Arizona trip story. I’m feeling like a man of fewer words tonight so I’ll keep it brief.

I left off right at the part where we set out for the Arizona border and the Navajo tribal park of Monument Valley. We stopped off at that same spot that most do, looking down the highway towards that extremely recognisable landscape.

Monument Valley-8030
Move along, nothing to see here…



We arrived at the park and registered for our spot for the night. We got a great spot and then set out to explore a bit. We did a loop on the road around some of the amazing geological features. Absolutely stunning in every direction.

Monument Valley-8037
The postcard
Monument Valley-8038
Like another world
Monument Valley-8047
Stone features


Monument Valley-8053
Tara and the Totem Pole

I was keen to be in a good spot for sunset, and not just to make photographs but for a place to ask Tara to marry me. It went very well and was a special moment in a spectacular place.

Monument Valley-8096
She said yes!
Monument Valley-8107
That rich red sunset colour was very striking.

My plan fell a bit flat as we discovered the reservation is dry and we couldn’t buy a beer anywhere to celebrate. Retiring back to our campsite, the wind began to whip up and was really beating the tent up, sand flying all over the place. We went to bed pretty early and we woke up covered in fine red dust that made it under the fly and through the mesh.

Monument Valley-8120
It was hard to stop looking at it or framing for more images.
Monument Valley-8125
Hard to believe we camped right here.

The night sky was disappointing with lots of light pollution and an early moonrise in the southern sky, but I knew that was going to be the case anyway. Next morning the pre-dawn light was also very nice, though it was totally clear. We had breakfast, packed up and set out for our next destination…. Antelope Canyon.

Monument Valley-8143
The early morning light, wind gone, so peaceful.
Monument Valley-
New waves in the sand dunes after several hours of windstorm overnight.
Monument Valley-8231
Breakfast views. Excellent.

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