Crescent Moon & Venus

After a couple of casual minutes framing up a few shots, I was descended upon by hordes of mosquitos as I continued to make these images. I’d skipped the bug spray and that came back to “bite me” once I got setup.

Lately I haven’t been outside this late in the evening, but I really should be, summers go by quickly and the daylight really should be taken advantage of.

Anyway, some photos of the crescent moon and Venus in the evening sky tonight over Squamish. Captured with a 100-400 Canon telephoto system and a beefy 10 year old Manfrotto tripod.


Crescent Moon & Mercury-
There was barely a cloud in the sky, just these fluffy pink whisps


Crescent Moon & Mercury--2
Mountains, the evening star & the Moon


Crescent Moon & Mercury-3500
Crescent Moonset

2 thoughts on “Crescent Moon & Venus

  1. Great shots Tristan. I wish I could hang out With you and learn some of your photography techniques. Especially the night skies. 🌌 Take care.

    1. Thank you Linda! Well why don’t we make that happen then? Let’s do it the next time we visit the island or you guys come to see us!

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