Getting to know Hummingbirds

I’ve spent a lot of my photographic time on these incredible little creatures through this Summer. Having them right on our back deck has given me a unique insight into their behaviours, sounds and supremely eye-catching colours. The activity has finally begun to slow down in recent weeks, I’m seeing the juvenile males less and less as the nights start touching frost and the sun lowers in the sky. The adult male(s) that battled in the garden for supremacy through the early summer are long gone, but a recent visit to Vancouver Island reconnected me with the blazingly bright, pinky-purple gorget that the mature males wear. I have many images and some footage still to review from my documenting of the various antics on our property and I hope to share more of them in the coming days.

A buzzing blur, this is the same bird from a more sublte angle.
The brightly coloured Gorget of a male Anna’s Hummingbird showering in the Autumn rain.

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