100 photos from 2018

I had a whole bunch of stuff written here at first, and then I realised it didn’t really matter.

This post is supposed to be about the images that came from my cameras during 2018, so if anyone out there enjoys seeing what I see, here they are….


2018 hottest 100-3864
32nd Annual Wintering Bald Eagle count. We did the upper Squamish route from the Ashlu bridge to the Elaho Valley turn off. It was a foggy day, but it’s always beautiful up there.
2018 hottest 100-3872
Exploring the massive boulders in the forests under the face of the Stawamus Chief.
2018 hottest 100-
The clouds break temporarliy, allowing a brief view of one of the gullies between the major peaks of our granite monolith.
2018 hottest 100-0624
99% moon on a clear cold night
2018 hottest 100--2
A semi frozen waterfall on a hike in the Squamish Valley
2018 hottest 100--3
Winter Sunsets are unrivaled.
2018 hottest 100--4
More snow falls on broken ice floating on the surface of the water in the Estuary
2018 hottest 100--5
Another winter scene from the Estuary. It’s difficult to tell, but I like the eagle in the tallest tree, watching out over the landscape.
2018 hottest 100--7
Fresh snow on the Mamquam River on a sunny winter morning.
2018 hottest 100--6
I try to remind myself on a regular basis that I am extremely lucky to be here. Looking out over my little neighbourhood at the base of an incredible piece of geological history.
2018 hottest 100-0777
A Bald Eagle makes it’s way across the sky during a little snow storm. This was the last time I photographed one for the 2017-18 “season”. February.
2018 hottest 100-0962
My two loves. My wife who I’d be lost without, and my dog who is apparently quite tall when you stretch her out!
2018 hottest 100-1076
That cheeky face. She wakes me up every morning with her gentle nudges to go outside and play. Absolutely loves the snow.
2018 hottest 100--8
Tara continuing to grow her riding skills, gradually letting off the brakes some more and picking up some speed.
2018 hottest 100--9
The Milky Way Galactic core as seen from Freycinet National Park in Tasmania. Dark skies down there. I hope it stays that way, the stars were astounding.
2018 hottest 100--10
Tara making her way up the ridge on our way to a campsite on the other side of Cradle Mountain, in the background. Spectacular hike, can’t believe I had never been, when I grew up so close. We slept in the wilderness one night, and our own bed in Ballarat the next.
2018 hottest 100--11
Same hike, almost at camp. Back side of Cradle Mountain, we arrived at the “Artists Pool” at a fitting time.
2018 hottest 100--12
The clouds that thwarted my night sky plans did at least redeem themselves come dawn.
2018 hottest 100--13
Last morning in Australia after a very quick 18 day visit. Ballarat Train Station. Airport bound.
2018 hottest 100--14
First ride after returning home. Tara appears from forest with her trail buddy in tow.
2018 hottest 100--15
Suddenly back in Ballarat. The architecture and history is appreciated on a whole new level now.
2018 hottest 100--16
Hoping for a good moonset at dawn, but it was a little cloudy. The centurion statue shown lower left was a detail in Ballarat I had never paid attention to before.
2018 hottest 100--17
Rain falls on the South Western flank of Howe Sound
2018 hottest 100--18
Mammatus clouds. A rare sight, and this is the best example of them I have photographed.  I love exotic cloud formations but don’t often witness them in this part of the world.
2018 hottest 100-1852

The first reasonable Hummingbird image I captured with a telephoto lens. The beginning of a journey that is still unfolding. They have absolutely captivated me with their impressive plumage and incredible personalities. Very curious and quite charismatic.

2018 hottest 100--19
Female Rufous Hummingbird scratching an itch, just a few feet from my lens in the bushes off my back deck.
2018 hottest 100--20
Male Anna’s Hummingbird checking me out after some battling with another male over our trees and bushes. They are incredibly inquisitive birds.
2018 hottest 100--21
The same Male Anna’s Hummingbird stretching his wings. Their gorget feathers feature irridescent flashes of pink, purple, yellow, red and blue. All of them are angle-of-view dependent.
2018 hottest 100--22
A female Anna’s Hummingbird with her beautiful purple-pink throat patch.
2018 hottest 100--25
Female Rufous Hummingbird. She was really fond of our hanging baskets.
2018 hottest 100--30
A young male Anna’s Hummingbird having a scratch. This one I believe is a young male slowly having his gorget feathers grow in.
2018 hottest 100--23
The planet Venus and it’s conjunction with the moon in the summer of this year.
2018 hottest 100--24
In her happy place. Her ball and the sand is a recipe for pure paradise for this hound
2018 hottest 100--26
Patterns in the sand at low tide
2018 hottest 100--27
Bushfires and smoke haze from coast to coast in Canada this summer
2018 hottest 100--28
The Beyond the Valleycliffe of the Dolls event this year was a little damp but a lot of fun
2018 hottest 100--29
Birds for scale. Mountains through the clouds
2018 hottest 100--31
When Autumn begins to arrive the forest seems to just “feel” different. Maybe it’s the angle of the sun.
2018 hottest 100--32
Mountain Biking in the Fall. There are few things better.
2018 hottest 100--33
Howe Sound on a rainy Autumn day. Clouds lifting after some serious rainfall.
2018 hottest 100--34
The colours of Autumn
2018 hottest 100--36
Sunlight through a tiny hole in this fallen leaf.
2018 hottest 100--37
My kind of Golden Arches
2018 hottest 100--35
Boy have I learnt through experience photographing these little birds. They move so fast it’s unbelievable.
2018 hottest 100--38
Hard to believe but it’s Autumn and these guys are still in the backyard. Sticking it out for the winter. This Male appears to be molting his gorget feathers but I need to understand more about this process to be certain of it.
2018 hottest 100--39
One of the many impressive local mountains with the clouds lifting. Squamish Valley.
2018 hottest 100--40
Mt Cayley is a volcanic massif with several peaks all slowly decaying away.
2018 hottest 100--41
Squamish Valley Bald Eagle. It’s crazy to be able to capture a photograph of an eagle like this out of the car window! So close!
2018 hottest 100-2
Storm at sunset gave us rainbows at Clearwater lake in Wells Gray Provincial Park
2018 hottest 100-1713
Windy days in Tasmania whipping up serious waves. Looking over the edge in Freycinet National Park
2018 hottest 100--43
Hummingbird saying hello on Christmas day!
2018 hottest 100--44
A juvenille Bald Eagle with Coho Salmon. I waited an hour for this eagle to trust me that it was ok to come down from the tree to continue feeding.
2018 hottest 100--42
Another winter Hummingbird shot. The light or lack thereof in winter makes it really challenging to capture them, but when there is a bit of diffused sunlight things get a little nicer.
2018 hottest 100-2-2
King of the skies. I love this shot of a calling Bald Eagle. Head back in full song. A recent wind storm has snapped one of the branches you can see in this frame.
2018 hottest 100-0567
After several rainy days, a sunny one is a welcome opportunity to dry out.
2018 hottest 100-1963
With the snowpack in full spring melt after extended stretches of unseasonably warm and sunny weather, the thundering plunge pools of the provinces big waterfalls were something to witness.
2018 hottest 100-2250
A Wedge Tailed Eagle dancing on the wind in rural Victoria, Australia. I hadn’t seen one of these in the wild since my early twenties.
2018 hottest 100-2852
Female Rufous Hummingbird showing off her painted retrices.
2018 hottest 100-3318
I discovered a family of Barred Owls in the forest near our place. They were always being harassed by other smaller forest birds.
2018 hottest 100-3360
Waiting and watching
2018 hottest 100-3532
Taking a break in the tall grass, between swims in the river
2018 hottest 100-3937
Garden Colours
2018 hottest 100-4212
We kept two feeders filled on a weekly basis. The turf wars over whose food it was kept us constantly entertained. Surprisingly tenacious and aggressive for such a tiny creature.
2018 hottest 100-4255
Dragonflies. 300 millions years of evolutionary excellence. Summer lake days gives opportunity to photograph them buzzing around snapping up the mozzies.
2018 hottest 100-4300
Abstract lakeside sunset reflections
2018 hottest 100-4465
Lukla loves the beach. In this moment she is trotting in the half-light of the shadow of the chief as the sun breaks the summit. Fleeting but beautiful.
2018 hottest 100-4645
Oh yeah, got married! West Coast girl 55 and I in the old growth forests of Vancouver Island.
2018 hottest 100-4681
Sunset cruise on BC Ferries back home
2018 hottest 100-4684
Another young Male Anna’s Hummingbird with its gorget feathers coming through. I think, anyway.
2018 hottest 100-4864
The almighty Chief in pleasantly soft evening light.
2018 hottest 100-4974
We had a lot more rainbows this year. That I witnessed anyway.
2018 hottest 100-5247
THUNNNKK! This poor guy hit the window pretty hard and dropped to the deck. I jumped up to go outside and see how he was, but he had already picked himself up and flown up a few feet onto this branch. 30 mins of shaking it off and regaining his composure, and away he went.
2018 hottest 100-5450
Through a gap in the foliage. More molting. This guy flew right up to me at one point within a couple feet of my face to get a good look.
2018 hottest 100-5512
Large and Small. Garibaldi mountain, and a dragonfly.
2018 hottest 100-5624
Mountain Biking in Derby Tasmania. A great day on the trails here. Steak Sanga and a beer at the Weldborough Pub for lunch before another shuttled descent. Excellent!
2018 hottest 100-5832
My wife and I lay back on our tent pad and just looked up through the Eucalypts at the stars above. It was a moment with a real “home” feeling to it.
2018 hottest 100-5956
Wilks and Dove Lake, the Honeymoon islands and stunning alpine Autumn colours. Spectacular hiking at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.
2018 hottest 100-6042
Autumn leaves, the most colourful time of year
2018 hottest 100-6066
Misty mornings on Vancouver Island.
2018 hottest 100-6143
Muted sunset light, West Coast Vancouver Island.
2018 hottest 100-6199
A Harbour Seal tearing a salmon to shreds for some quality fresh sushi
2018 hottest 100-6304
A male Anna’s Hummingbird on Vancouver Island in a friends garden. They have them year round every year.
2018 hottest 100-6473
Our very own Cherry Trees are brilliant in the spring, and just as beautiful in the Fall.
2018 hottest 100-6723
Large eddies form where a fast and hard flowing creek joins the outflow of Clearwater Lake.
2018 hottest 100-6737
Ballarat has changed significantly since I have left. I loved the art installation in this laneway, and the Hop Temple at the end of it!
2018 hottest 100-6965
Sunlight illuminating morning mist rising off the cliffs of the Stawamus Chief. Captured from our front yard.
2018 hottest 100-7295
Had a long time friend visit Squamish this Summer, it was interesting showing him and his partner around our ‘hood. The lush forests around Alice Lake Provincial Park are a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.
2018 hottest 100-7331
Sudden direction change at the sighting of food. Their aerial Acrobatics can be really impressive.
2018 hottest 100-7355
3 Eagles soaring on the thermals above the Squamish River, with the ever present Stawamus Chief in the background.
2018 hottest 100-7426
Hotel trees. I like the remaining little bit of Autumn colour in these Cottonwoods. This “only” features 26 Eagles, where one of my largest Hotel trees had 44 in it. In some stretches there are numerous stands of trees like this, hundreds of Eagles visible from where you stand.
2018 hottest 100-7498
Adopted a new favourite trail in town. It’s steep and technical lines are a challenging thrill that is exactly my style. Great views from some sections.
2018 hottest 100-7695
Riding some slick slab lines in damp conditions is a little hectic, but very satisfying
2018 hottest 100-7830
My first time on this trail above Britannia Beach. It had rained for days and was bucketing rain when we left the trailhead, but the weather improved and the ride to the bottom was absolutely macking. Loamy fun connected by granite slabs that went on and on and on…
2018 hottest 100-7897
…and on and on! So lucky to get to ride in this incredible place. The glowing green of some forest grottos are mesmerising.
2018 hottest 100-8066
Adult Bald Eagle with a fresh chum carcass in a Salmon graveyard. Even at significant distance this bird did not trust me one little bit.
2018 hottest 100-8291
Winter creeps it’s way down into the valley
2018 hottest 100-8928
That branch. There is ALWAYS an Eagle on this branch. This sub-adult was pretty content with me capturing his portrait. *edit, on todays Eagles count, there was not an eagle on that branch!
2018 hottest 100-9149
Dike Fly-by.  Just cruising past us at the Shelter at Eagle Run in Brackendale.
2018 hottest 100-9307
Unique experience on this day. A Sub-Adult Bald Eagle stole some food from an Adult and landed low in a tree right by the viewing shelter. It sat there and devoured its food despite the presence of a dozen people right underneath it. I love the intricate details of its head and neck plumage as it transitions into the full white head of an adult.
2018 hottest 100-9911
This years Bald Eagle count took us well up into the Squamish Valley thanks to slightly more favourable road conditions. Our team came in with 296 Eagles, adding in for a total 1157, the largest for many years now.  I like the challenge of finding the not-so-easy to spot Eagles, like the 4th one in this photograph.


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