Solo Rides

Exploring my backyard trails and re-finding a few old gems. The selfie thing can be pretty challenging from a timing perspective, but sometimes it works out alright. For this first shot, I attached a Gorillapod to a 4 inch diameter tree with the camera at head height to maintain the angle of perspective that is often heavily distorted shooting steeper terrain. Next I Selected the Intervalometer to snap a shot every second for 30 seconds, starting 1 minute from now. Finally, I go back up and roll when it’s time.  As you approach this line you can’t see over the edge and the trunks of the trees either side abruptly protrude up from the rock, giving you a good indication things are about to drop right off. It’s nothing crazy to ride by Squamish standards, but it’s fun and has a good spectators view. The other image gives a viewers perspective from a closer angle of another features lower down, though this rock roller is pretty subtle and smooth, a fundamental for even the intermediate rider. Either way, it’s nice to get out and enjoy the forest in the final hour of summer sun.

Backyard Selfies
A nice little technical descent on a local trail
Canada Day
Lots of slabs to link up and dozens of different ways to get to the bottom

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