A real winter!

It’s  been a particularly cold and snowy winter this year in South Western BC. Considerable snowfall and cold Arctic outflow winds have made for frosty conditions, large snowbanks and sketchy driving conditions around town and along the highway. The roads are in poort shape, significant maintenance will be required come the Spring. It’s been really … More A real winter!

Eagle Watch – Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park. Squamish, BC

Every winter, large numbers of Bald Eagles come from all directions on the North American continent and congregate along the coast of Southern BC. Squamish sees a great number of these birds who return to feast on the Salmon runs in the many converging rivers at the top of Howe Sound. I volunteer with a … More Eagle Watch – Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park. Squamish, BC

Cottonwood Storm

Take some of the gloomy weather that was around on May long weekend (of course) mix it with the sun disappearing behind the mountains and then blanket it in a Cottonwood explosion. The result is a perfect Cottonwood Storm.